Misted/Damaged Glass

Do you have a misted/damaged glass and are looking for a replacement? Then you have arrived at the right place. Unfortunately, glazed glasses do not last forever. It has a guarantee of at least 5 years. With the passage of time, the seal declines and the vapours are drawn into the glazed units. Windows facing the South are more likely to become victims of misted glass.

So what do you do then? It’s quite simple, rather than replacing the entire window you can replace the glazed glass with a new one. The cost will be according to the size and type of the damaged glass. Our clients matter the most to us, which is why we know you look for your money’s worth and we strive to offer you cost-effective solutions that will last you a substantial number of years.

We offer free home visits and no obligation quotations!

Take advantage of our comprehensive services for repairing and upgrading solutions.

Comprehensive Solutions          

Why waste money on replacing a full window and door systems when all that you need is a small repair. Several glazing companies claim to be experts in fitting full door and window frames but lack the basic skills that are needed to repair glazed windows. However, our professionals at B&M Double Glazing possess these skills and over the years, we have been able to establish an outstanding reputation in the glazing industry.

Our services include:

  • Broken/Misted Glass Replacement
  • Lock Upgrade and Replacement
  • Door/Window Servicing
  • Hinges, locks, catches etc
  • Double Glazed Glass
  • If your double glazed glass is damaged or misted then you can replace those by simply giving us a call. You either take the measurement of the glass and contact us for a no obligation quotation or let our team visit your premises to measure the damaged or misted glass and tell you about the cost accordingly. We will then construct a new glass and will inform you about the delivery and installation details instantly.

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